Current Project (WIP)

*NaNoWriMo Winner*

Participating in November's National Novel Writing Month encouraged me to start the novel I was destined to write.   Here is a sneak peek.

*Undisclosed Title*

....As the storm moved inland, the winds were tempered but the rains were relentless.  The Hurricane girls, skipped up the coastline, then drifted further inland, swinging their buckets of rain.  The winds changed their course and pushed their journey beyond the reach of where hurricanes before them had ever gone.  Their path defying the latitude and longitude odds and carried them through South Carolina’s midsection, and crossed state lines into the most western edge of the North Carolina’s mountains.  Their unceasing power strong enough to carry them 300 miles away from the coast and settle in for days of soaking rains.  

The mountains wept, then cried, then flooded it’s people and towns it loved.  The strength of the hills were weakened from the pounding rain.  Rocks loosened into mud and slid off the mountains.  Quiet, peaceful  bubbling streams became hostile roaring lions chewing river banks and ripping homes away from their foundation.  The Appalachian mountain worked so hard to maintain her dignity.  Gripping its massive trees and holding back its rivers.  The mountains clung to the farmland topsoil as it loosened and washed away the crops. She couldn’t shield her people from this misfortune because the Hurricane girls were wicked and unforgiving.  The youthful, reckless storm, wreaked havoc on the proud mountain matriarch and her beloved children. 

Future Plans & Events

2019 is going to be a big year for me.  The wheels of creativity and writing are rolling at smooth pace and I intend to keep moving in a positive direction.  I have several conferences to attend, book clubs to keep me sharp, recently joined writing groups, and new NaNoWriMo friends encouraging one another to write another chapter.