The Summer Guests


If your idea of a gutsy, fast-moving story exploring the bonds a friendship, the lengths someone will go for the love and devotion of horses and dogs while racing against the backdrop of an impending natural disaster The Summer Guests by New York Times Bestselling Author, Mary Alice Monroe should be your next summer read.  

Mister Owita’s Guide to Gardening

Mister Owita's Gardening Guide - Review

Every once in a while a book springs from the shelves that surprises and delights readers as much as finding a late, nearly perfect azalea bloom covered in autumn leaves. Carol Wall’s memoir beautifully captures the raw honesty of a terrifying life-threatening illness and uncomfortable and misunderstood race relations. 

Dreams of Falling

Dreams of Falling - Karen White Book Review


I’ve found your favorite summer read. Once you finish it, I declare you’ll want to read it again and then tell all your girlfriends.The New York Times bestselling author Karen White, known for her delicious low-country historical fiction, releases Dreams of Falling in hardcover on June 5th. 


Calloustown book by George Singleton

 You know when you’re traveling to the beach and the road ahead of you stretches for miles and the exits become less frequent?  Then as the wiggly heat waves rise from the pavement, you suddenly notice Burma Shave signs for boiled peanuts, fresh peaches and the last chance for gas. Calloustown by George Singleton, is that exit. You stop because you need to fill-up. You stay because you can’t resist the peaches. You’re caught up – in the place, the people and their stories. Calloustown by George Singleton, published by Dzanc Books, is a short story collection about a small town in the rural South. 

Fire Sermon

Fire Sermon - Jamie Quatro Review

Fire Sermon by Jamie Quatro, published in January 2018 by Grove Press, is a sensual literary fiction coupling modern day infidelity with broad religious beliefs and sought-after redemption. The familiar story of forbidden love follows protagonist Maggie and her marriage to Thomas when she has an extramarital affair with a married poet, James.  Fire Sermon is told from a woman’s perspective of carnal desire and gratifying seduction.