My daughter is an empath and so am I

Empath daughter

 My 15-year-old daughter is an empath. If there's such a thing as a hard-core empath, that would be where Sophie would live.

Her home in the empath community would be in the radical, true-blue, undeniable feeling ALL the FEELS category.

I Used to Say “I Love You” But Now I Say This


 Come home safe.

That’s what I find myself saying a lot these days. Come home safe. It’s my motto — on repeat ever since I’ve been adjusting to our family’s new normal. This awkward new chapter in our life called "Surviving the Terrifying Moments When Your Teenager Drives Away Until They Return — and ways to avoid  Life 360 addiction."

"It's like the lights'"


Allow yourself to feel the sadness of  the holidays especially when your loved ones are in heaven. Give yourself the safe space you need to feel the sorrow which always seems worse during the festive season. Let all the feelings come in, then pass through. This part of the calendar is tough and IT IS OKAY to feel sad for a little bit of it. 

God’s Been Preparing You to Let Them Go

Mom holding daughters hand

You never think you’re ready to let go of your kids.

But I promise you Mama, you’re readier than you believe.

You’ve been practicing the “let go” since they were born even though you can’t remember how or when.

God prepares us for letting go of our children, the day they’re placed in our arms.

Sometimes We Don’t Realize We’re Doing Too Much Until it All Comes Crashing Down

Depressed lady by dock

It’s quiet. Sunday morning. Early. Damp, gray clouds settled in overnight smothering the sun’s scheduled appearance. Our part of the world remains dark even at 7:15. My husband and I drink our coffee nearly silently. We hold our mugs the same way. Lacing our fingers around the cup, enjoying the heat on our hands, keeping it close to our face and breathing in the steam and aroma.