About Eleanor

Eleanor's Background


Eleanor knew she was meant to be a writer since one distinct and peculiar moment on her elementary school playground. Although the event was compelling and provided transcendent communication between her spirit and the Divine, it would be nearly 30 years later before Eleanor believed that moment was authentic.  

Eleanor lives in gorgeous and vibrant Chattanooga, Tennessee, but loves calling North Carolina home. Greensboro was her whole world for 21 years. After working at several radio and television stations, she graduated from High Point University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media & Communications. She moved to Chattanooga, and out of hundreds of applicants, she was given the opportunity to create the first-ever promotions department at heritage radio station, WDEF-FM. In less than two years, Jefferson-Pilot Communications powerhouse WSTR-FM asked her to join them as Executive Assistant to the VP of Programming.  

After six years in Atlanta, marriage and family life carried her back to Tennessee. She loves being a mom, and considers that her greatest honor and responsibility, but needed work outside the home that coordinated with the kids’ schedules. In that search, she accidentally discovered that her number-loving left brain can generate income too! She landed a job at a CPA firm and worked there for seven years until breaking off on her own, and now works as an independent bookkeeper for several companies.  

But the relentless ache of not honoring her love of writing drove a wedge of discomfort into her psyche. It reminded her of that fateful autumn day on the school playground. In October 2017, she decided to feign courage and launch her writing career at EleanorHoward.com --as well as revealing the personal blog she kept anonymous for years at FranticFinch.com.

Eleanor enjoys reading, traveling, antiquing, and attending concerts and book signings and lectures by ANY author.

Eleanor's Writing Style


Eleanor writes with everything she feels.  She records what she sees, but not a one dimensional view, she creates work that makes the reader feel like they are in the pages, completely immersed in the paragraphs. 

Readers of Eleanor's writing often describe her work as convincing.  They can feel the chill of an autumn breeze, smell the fragrance of a character's  cologne or count the wrinkles around a man's eyes. 

She writes a scene without bogging the reader with unnecessary words.  Her prose is informal, fresh and easy to read.  All of her conversational sections are familiar, relaxed and believable.

Her work is best matched with lifestyle magazine articles, newsletters of current events and upcoming projects, website tweaking and long form pieces. She's also available for freelance writing jobs as well as speaker/ presenter engagements.